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About Us

Pride and Tradition. That’s the foundation of our brand. That’s what we are all about. 

There’s no need to explain why you do what you do. You do it because it’s your Way Of Life. You hike 10 miles to find that nice buck. You go to the same fishing spots because you caught that whopper that one year. You love being under the lights of the arena, chasing barrels, hanging on for dear life, everything a Rodeo Cowboy or Cowgirl does. Or maybe you do it in your private arena. You’ve learned that with hard work and perseverance, you can feed your family and perhaps your community. You also believe in our second amendment right to carry so you can protect your family.

Our Way of Life isn’t for the weak. 

Have pride, keep the tradition. 

No explanation needed, it’s Our Way Of Life. 

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